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All Lush MedSpa facials involve a pre-facial assessment of your skin and skin care needs, cleansing, exfoliation and extraction. Our signature facial also involves a massage and mask.

Cleansing: The aesthetician will begin by massaging a cleanser to remove any traces of makeup, dirt or debris. During this part of the process, your specialist will also evaluate your skin condition to access and recommend what treatment is best for your particular skin care needs.

Exfoliation: Depending on your particular skin care needs, steam, a warm cloth, chemicals or creams will be applied to open up pores and remove dead skin cells.

Extraction: This part of the process targets individual pores which have been clogged by dirt or dead skin cells which can induce acne, whiteheads or blackheads.

Massage: Depending on your chosen facial, a massage may be included to stimulate facial muscles, improve drainage and, of course, help you relax.

Mask: Depending on your chosen facial, a mask will be applied to treat access oil or improve facial hydration.

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