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Post Treatment Guide for

Many will experience little-to-no side effects from waxing. In other cases, you may experience redness or bumps due to skin irritation. These side effects typically subside quickly and may be hastened by applying soothing gel such as aloe vera or over the counter steroid creams such as hydrocortisone.


  • Avoid heat producing activities such as exercise, sauna, hot tubs, or sexual activity (specific to bikini/brazilian treatment), for one day

  • For best results, stick to the waxing schedule recommended by your service provider

  • For facial waxing, minor breakouts may occur. Toners or acne spot treatment creams may be applied to decrease recovery time.

When Should I Expect to See Results?

Results are immediate. As a part of the process, unwanted hair is removed from the root, leaving smooth, silky skin behind. However, these results are semi-permanent and will require sequential visits on a schedule recommended by your skin care specialist.

The Lush MedSpa Difference

There is nothing more beautiful than someone wearing their confidence. Our goal is to help each client find their happy place within themselves. Expertly trained providers, state of the art technology, and sincere, results-driven staff help us to create a plan unique to every person who walks through our doors.

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