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Post Treatment Guide for
IPL for Hyperpigmentation

What to Expect After Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

Following your treatment, you should be able to return to regular activities immediately. The treated area of skin will typically be red or sensitive for a few hours, similar to a sunburn. Skin sensitivity may last for a few days following your procedure, but side effects are generally deemed minimal. If treated for freckles or sun spots, it is normal for the spots to look darker for 5-7 days and gradually subside. In some cases, clients experience gentle sloughing or peeling as the skin recovers from the treatment. Occasionally, minor swelling or histamine reaction (similar to hives) may present for clients who experience rosacea or persistent redness in the treated area. This side effect generally subsides in one to two days.


  • Use a gentle cleanser for 2-4 days after treatment

  • Wear SPF 30 or higher at all times when outdoors

  • Gentle exfoliation may be done 4 days after treatment

When Should I Expect to See Results?

Initial results from Intense Pulsed Light generally appear in just a few days following the procedure. The timeline to achieve noticeable improvements will depend on several factors including the color of your skin, the intensity (depth) of skin damage and the size of area being treated. These factors play a role in the number of recommended treatment sessions necessary to achieve lasting results. You should consult with your technician for individualized recommendations, but typically, clients require 2-4 treatments to achieve maximum results. Maintenance treatments are recommended for clients with active, outdoor lifestyles due to continued sun exposure.

The Lush MedSpa Difference

There is nothing more beautiful than someone wearing their confidence. Our goal is to help each client find their happy place within themselves. Expertly trained providers, state of the art technology, and sincere, results-driven staff help us to create a plan unique to every person who walks through our doors.

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