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Chemical Peels

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Chemical Peels


  • Light - $95

  • Deep - $130​

  • TCA Chemical Peel - $300

  • Custom - Price Varies

Chemical peels are a great way to remove signs of aging, increase skin radiance, improve sun damage and reduce pore size. The primary focus of this procedure is to apply a predefined regimen of chemical solutions to remove dry or damaged skin cells and reveal the new, healthy skin cells underneath. Chemical peels can be applied to improve the appearance of the face, neck, décolleté, and hands.

Lush MedSpa provides a wide range of peel options and each is designed to target individual skin care needs. We offer light peels for superficial peeling, often involving no down time. Moderate peels that may result in 2 – 5 days of gentle sloughing, which can easily be managed with extra moisturizer and can be covered with makeup. Finally, we provide intense peels, which offer more dramatic results, but may involve more visible peeling and sloughing for 5 – 7 days or more. To determine which peel best suits your individual skin care needs, we recommend consulting with one of our medical skincare specialists.

How does it work?

A chemical peel works by altering your skin’s normal pH levels to loosen cells and remove dead skin. The procedure will begin with a thorough cleaning of the treated area and with the application of a protective ointment to sensitive areas of the skin. A chemical peel solution will then be applied to your skin for a predetermined time. Depending on the type and the depth of the chemical peel, you may feel mild stinging or burning while the chemical solution is on your skin. However, discomfort usually subsides at the point when the neutralizing agent is applied (in some cases a neutralizing agent is not needed). In all cases, post-procedure instructions will be given to care for your skin in the hours following your treatment, that evening and for the days following your chemical peel.

Lush MedSpa offers a variety of peels that range in focus and intensity. Prior to any chemical peel, you should consult with a professional to determine the best treatment plan for you. Depending on factors such as your skin’s current condition, personal goals, lifestyle and desired outcome, the best treatment approach for your skin will be recommended, including the number of sessions required as well as home care instructions.

Candidates for Peels

Chemical peels can be beneficial for a variety of skin care needs, but may not be suitable for all skin tones. A pre-peel consultation is crucial to determine whether this procedure is right for you and your individual skin care needs.

  • How do I prepare for my peel?
    Lush MedSpa recommends that you avoid aggressive exfoliation for 2 days prior to your procedure, that you refrain from waxing in the treated area for 5 days prior and that use cease the use of retinal at least 1 week prior.
  • How do I know which peel is right for me?
    We offer a variety of peels, each with unique solutions depending on your individual needs. Prior to scheduling a peel, we recommend you get a pre-peel consultation to determine which peel is best for your individual needs.
  • Does it hurt?
    uring the treatment, it is common to feel mild stinging or burning while the solution is in contact with the skin. Following a peel, your skin may appear red, feel tight or be mildly irritated. Collectively, most clients report only mild discomfort during and after the procedure. For more intensive chemical peels, moderate swelling and dryness may occur and in rare cases blistering.
  • When should I expect to see results from my peel?
    In the case of many peels, you will see noticeable improvements within the first few days after treatment. However, to achieve significant results, multiple treatments may be required.
  • What do I do when my skin starts peeling?
    We recommend you do not pick or pull at the dead skin and allow the skin to slough off naturally at its own pace. For more rapid peeling you can choose to forgo the use of moisturizers; however, if this becomes too uncomfortable moisturize to your comfort level. Once the peeling slows you can reintroduce moisture ideally with a product containing Hyaluronic acid.

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