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Body Countouring

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  • from $1,750

EvolveX is a hands-free, non-invasive total body transforming treatment to remodel skin, treat fat, and tone muscles with bipolar RF energy and EMS. Its innovative design has multiple technologies, Tite, Tone, and Transform for customized body reshaping.

TITE Remodels dermal and subdermal tissue by delivering bipolar RF energy deep into the Fibroseptal Network (FSN).

TONE Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, targets specific muscle groups to induce contractions that sculpt, strengthen, and tone muscles with zero downtime.

TRANSFORM Two procedures with one applicator. Bipolar RF energy for deep heating of dermal and adipose tissue, plus EMS alternate to deliver a synergistic layering treatment that produces consistent transformative results.

How does it work?

EvolveX by InMode is the ultimate hands-free platform that delivers total body transformations. Easily remodel your skin, treat fat, sculpt abs, lift your butt, and tone your hips with EvolveX. EvolveX procedures can be combined to deliver synergistic layering treatments to produce consistent transformative results. The hands-free design and intelligent programmable technology make EvolveX the ideal social distancing device, allowing for a reduction in patient-physician face-to-face contact during procedures.

Candidates for EvolveX

EvolveX is good fro anyone looking to tighten and tone their skin. This is not a weight-loss device, but used to tighten the skin and tone the muscles.

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